News and Events

Potluck & gift exchange – December 2021
Every year our Kelowna Nissan team looks forward to our annual staff potluck and gift exchange.

Kelowna Nissan Adopt a Family – December 2021
Each year along with other dealerships in our automotive group, Kelowna Nissan sponsor’s a family in need through the Boys and Girls Club during the holidays. This December, our Nissan team was able to donate, shop and wrap Christmas presents and hand deliver to our adopted family. We are grateful for each of our staffs generosity and participation.

Women In Trades Student Tour – October 2021
Sentes Automotive works closely with both the Women in Trades and Automotive Apprentice Technician programs at Okanagan College. We offer dealership tours, in-class presentations, career mentorship and part time / full time employment opportunities to the students. Our 4 Kelowna locations offer an apprenticeship program to support 1st year students throughout their entire apprenticeship. (Second photo was taken pre-COVID)

Kelowna annual golf tournament – August 2021
Every year we look forward to our annual golf tournament with all of our Kelowna staff together. This year we had the tournament at the beautiful Two Eagles golf course in West Kelowna. The day was filled with sun, laughs and healthy competition!

Technician appreciation month – August 2021
August is technician appreciation month! We could not operate without the knowledge, skillset and dedication of our hard-working apprentices and journeyman/women technicians. We treated each team to snacks and drinks throughout the month, as well as a grand finale full day of fun at Area 27 Motorsport Park in Penticton.

Accounting appreciation month – July 2021
July is accounting appreciation month! Our accounting team works extremely hard with a keen eye for detail, behind the scenes, to keep our business running smoothly. This is a critical and valuable role within our organization, and we want to ensure each, and every member of our accounting team feels appreciated. The CEO and general manager’s took our accounting staff for a lunch, and we delivered the team special treats throughout July.

Detail appreciation month – June 2021
June is Sentes Automotive’ s detail appreciation month at Kelowna Nissan. Detail is a vital department for our business to serve our customers. Kelowna Nissan’s talented detail department works tirelessly to ensure every vehicle leaves the dealership looking brand new. Over the month of June, we celebrated our teams by gathering all departments to show detail some extra appreciation. From individual staff features, to contests, treat days and cooling towels as a gift for the hot summer heat, we hope the detail team feels the extra appreciation this month and onwards.

Nissan Canada food truck lunch May 2021
In light of our team’s recent win of Nissan Canada’s April 2021 “Rogue Sales Contest”, the entire Kelowna Nissan team won a food truck lunch from a local vendor, the CrAsian food truck. The staff enjoy delicious food and games in the sunshine!

International woman’s day March 2021

Employee appreciation day March 2021